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Shaili Shah, a real life Rockstar

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Ankita Agrawal
Ankita Agrawalhttps://ashaval.com
A passionate Digital Marketer by heart, in love with Ahmedabad! Loves adventure sports and Math!

Ahmedabad is the city known for its kind and wholehearted people. The city houses many talented people who choose to follow their dreams and are very passionate about their work. The city has been a nurturer to many such talented people.

Meet Shaili Shah singer and an entrepreneur who manages to keep her singing passion alive along with her entrepreneurship dreams.

“I can still recollect that day when I was selected at the TV show. I have grown in the life of art and music.” Shaili Shah, a beautiful singer from aapnu amdavad shares her cherubic dreams with us.

“I got married with the love of my life almost for the second time as I had already married him in my mind during my high school days. A high school love turned into a lifetime of happiness for us. Now we are no longer free birds, we realize our responsibilities towards our future. I feel proud to say I am in dual professions, I sing in the big events of the town and infuse my creativity in the business of design and style which is jewelry making that goes with the brand name of Mortantra” says Shaili.

The idea of Mortantra came to Shali when she was looking for customized imitation jewelry which could go along with her lehenga for her big day. She was having a dream come true destination wedding and was hesitant to carry the expensive jewelleries. She was unable find the perfect piece that could fit her look and instead of searching anymore she decided to design the jewellery herself. And hence the entrepreneur side of Shaili was born.

As she believes, “I think singers are not getting much recognition which they actually want & I am trying to innovate my city to give preference to artists who deserve that. It was a whale of the time when I received offers from corporate houses like ICICI and others to conduct their events. That was the time I realized that “We singers” are not getting recognized!”

When asked about how digital platforms are being a helping hand to her, Shaili replied, “Sometimes I wonder how digital media is helping artists indeed like a true friend. I sell jewellery on my web-portal, latest designs from every market in best quality. I bring the beautiful pieces from corners of India and try to give maximum through a possible pipeline of my startup. By offering a mixed bag of jewelry, I am trying to offer new fashion sense to the girls in my own town.”

“My husband, Naimish Parikh, helps me in handling the technical aspects of Mortantra. He is trying his core best to build our brand. We are also getting in touch with brides in India and trying to spread our magic in the international market also.”

That was Shaili,You can manage to cope up with different kind of work if you really love what you do.

P.S. Shaili recently sang a beautiful song dedicating to all the teachers that is a must listen 🙂 Enjoy.

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