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No hungry stomachs in Ahmedabad: How NGOs and Communities are helping needy people against COVID-19 in the city.

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Priyansha Paliwal
Priyansha Paliwal
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While we are sitting in the comforts of our home, several people are not so lucky enough. These people are the backbone of our economy i.e., Labourers, Daily wagers, and Migrants who have become homeless without any food due to the coronavirus pandemic in Ahmedabad.

This time is tough for every citizen of our state and the overall country. But the ones who are suffering the most are our Daily wagers and Labourers. The countrywide lockdown due to coronavirus has made their lives miserable as they have lost their jobs and only source of income.

They even took this positively and thought of returning to their hometowns. But even their last hope was destroyed when the Indian Government announced a 21-day long lockdown. With this, there was a rapid increase in the number of hungry stomachs waiting to be filled.

Ahmedabad is the largest city of Gujarat state, caters to a lot of Daily wagers, labourers, and Migrants. Most of these labourers belong to states like Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. The situation in the city worsened with each passing day as the lockdown just started getting extended week after week.

Image Source: Indiatoday.in

These labourers started losing their hope and thought they would not be able to survive. And the reason behind their death will not be COVID-19 but starvation.  Well, the State Government has provided several Coronavirus helpline number for helping the citizens.

But as they say, “Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe.” – Jack Canfield

Even Ahmedabad has such angels in the form of various NGOs and Communities that have come forward to feed the hungry stomachs of the underprivileged people. According to a survey, NGOs in Gujarat are feeding almost 93% of underprivileged people.

List of NGOs and Communities in Ahmedabad

Janvikas, Ahmedabad

Janvikas is a city-based NGO that is working towards feeding almost 5000 migrants per day. They reached out to these migrants with the help of mapping exercise. With this, they became familiar with the number of migrants and their various groups.

It has almost been a month since Jankivas has been providing food packets to people. They make sure that food reaches the people for at least two times a day i.e., two meals per day. They prepare food in their own 15 self-run kitchens. For the same, they are taking the help of local people to raise funds. The areas covered by this NGO are Rakhial, Saraspur, and Gomtipur.

Please do your bit and support them for helping the stranded migrants by providing them with necessary ration supplies:


Akshaya Patra Foundation

Akshaya Patra Foundation is a known platform for delivering meals to thousands of people in the form of mid-day meals and Anganwadi feedings. Well, even this time of coronavirus, they are ready to serve the daily wagers and migrants who are in dire need of food. They have come up with COVID-19 Relief Feeding Programme. The sole aim of this programme is to provide one crore cooked meal with five lakhs grocery kits.

For making this programme a successful one, they have collaborated with the state government and district administration. Currently, they have provided a total of 46,64,594 meals & 1,500 packed grocery kits in Gujarat.

You can become a part of this noble cause by doing your bit. All you need to do is just donate a small amount.


Yuva Unstoppable 

Yuva Unstoppable is an NGO in Ahmedabad that works towards benefiting underprivileged children all across the country. In a pandemic situation like coronavirus, they have now turned into corona warriors and have pledged to provide packaged food kits to almost 1350 daily wager families.

Besides Gujarat, they are also making efforts towards sending these kits to other states like Punjab and Haryana.

Image Source: Yuva Unstoppable

They also initiated the UnstoppablePoliceProject in which they provided safety kits to the officials who were performing their duty at Sabarmati Jail, Ahmedabad.

As a responsible citizen of this country, let’s fill up someone’s empty plate.

Besides this, There some more government-based NGOs you can contact for helping the needy people around you.

Elixir Foundation 

The aim of the Elixir foundation is to captivate young people and turn them into great young leaders for a better nation.

Elixir foundation currently works towards the well-being of daily wage workers. It is helping migrants with food and other necessities. They had secured the resources even before the lockdown. 

Contact Number: 9016558924

Jana Gana Mana Yana

Jana Gana Mana Yana is a government-based organization for benefiting the migrant labourers in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Presently, they have a total of 300 food kits of 4 kg wheat flour, 4 kg rice and 2 kg daal for underprivileged people.

Contact Number: 9327554246


Gurudwaras are known to have huge langars. But due to COVID-19, these langars have been cancelled. But the kitchens are still working to feed a thousand families. The Gurudwara Gobind Dham, situated in Thaltej, is preparing meals for a total of 2000 daily wagers per day.

Image Source: Ahmedabad Mirror

The food is distributed in collaboration with AMC. It is distributed in various locations like Maninagar, Vadaj, and Odhav. There are also other small groups like Sindhi Sangat and Sikh Sangat that prepare meals at their respective home.

You can be a part of this amazing initiative by volunteering with them. You’ll be provided with passes for travelling. The food prepared in these Gurudwaras is highly hygienic as cooks are given sanitizers, gloves, and other essential items. 

Karnavati Tamil Sangam

They are helping people who have lost their jobs while working in small shops or hotels. Women in their community prepare this food. Karnavati Tamil Sangam distributes these food packets to various areas of Ahmedabad like, Maninagar, Kankaria, and Khokhra. AMC provided them permission to distribute the food across the city.

Gujarat Rajasthan Maitri Sangh

Gujarat Rajasthan Maitri Sangh prepares almost 4000 food packets per day. For making this initiative successful, they are being supported by the Sola Ranuja Mandir. The food prepared by them is distributed with the help of RSS workers, AMC, and Sarthi Foundation. They provide these meals to the sanitation workers, police officers, and vendors.

Wrapping Up

Tough times don’t last too long, but tough people do. We’ll have to draw inspiration from this quote and come out strong through Coronavirus. While we are privileged enough to have proper meals and housing, we can help the ones in need.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to write in the comments section.

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