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Connekt – Ideal coworking space for your professional growth

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Harita Dave
Harita Dave
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The concept of coworking space is gradually picking up in Ahmedabad. Rather than being confined to the four walls of your office, a coworking space offers welcoming ambience, flexible terms of working, comfortable interiors and endless scope of networking with new people. 

Coworking space takes away the headache of your overhead expenses and is cost-effective for your business. 

The team of Ashaval visited Connekt and we are sure you will not regret choosing it as your next workplace. 

About Connekt

Be it budding entrepreneurs or striving working professionals, Connekt is a treasure trove of opportunities. The coworking office, Connekt, located in the heart of the city – Drive-in Road, is the best option for coworking with enthusiasts like yourselves. 

Sprawling over an area of 12,500 sq.ft. on the 13th floor of Gala Empire, Connekt is a 256-seater coworking space. They aim to provide 360º comprehensive solutions to the coworking members and increase their productivity in the best possible workspace by providing everything the members may need to succeed. 

Under the leadership of Shaan Gala, Connekt was officially launched on September 18, 2020. It is easily accessible from all the main roads, public transport including metro and busses with business centres around. 

Amenities offered at Connekt

Conference room
Conference room

Unlike the cliched amenities, Connekt offers world-class amenities including High-Speed Internet; Unlimited Tea and Coffee; CCTV Cameras; Biometric Access; Event Space; Training Area; Meeting Rooms; Conference Rooms; Informal Meeting Rooms; Caféteria; Printer, Scanner & Photocopy Services; Reception; Office Maintenance; Office Supplies; Courier Services; Private Phone Booth; Mentorship Programmes. 

Workspace and pricing plans 

Flexi Seating – Rs. 7,500 per month 

Flexi Seating
Flexi seating

If you are looking to meet diverse people while focussing on your work, then Flexi seating is a suitable option for you. Not only it comes with a range of amenities, but it will sure help you expand your networking horizons. 

Amenities available: High-speed internet, unlimited hot beverages, events space, printer scanner, office maintenance, phone booth, cafeteria, CCTV cameras

Dedicated Seating – Rs. 9,800 per month 

Dedicated seating
Dedicated seating

Are you someone who cannot afford to lose your focus while working? Then dedicated seating is your go-to option. The dedicated space will you take your business or work to the top-notch while using the facilities available. 

Amenities available: Meeting rooms, high-speed internet. Unlimited hot beverages, stationery, printer scanner, office maintenance, reception desk, biometric access, events space, phone booth, cafeteria, CCTV Cameras, 

Private Cabin – Rs. 10,200 per month 

Private Cabin
Private cabin

The best place to brainstorm ideas with no hustle and bustle around. It will be just you and your team giving your best for the optimum outcome for the business or start-up. Rest assured that you will not be bothered by unnecessary conversations going around and you can have the entire private cabin for yourself, which is the best suited for your organization. 

Amenities available: Conference rooms, stationery, printer-scanner, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, unlimited hot beverages, office maintenance, reception desk, biometric access, events space, phone booth, cafeteria, CCTV cameras

Premium Cabin – Rs. 12,800 per month 

Premium Cabin
Premium Cabin

Ever wanted a workplace with a view? Premium cabin would be the apt choice. If you are tired working for long hours in front of your screen, then sipping a cup of coffee or tea while looking out of the window will take all your stress away. And working towards expanding your business and achieving your goals will go on simultaneously in an exclusive enclosed workspace. 

And…the premium cabin comes with a car parking!!! 

Amenities available: Car Parking, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, conference rooms, informal meeting rooms, unlimited hot beverages, printer scanner, reception desk, events space, office maintenance, biometric access, phone booth, cafeteria, CCTV Cameras, Stationery 

Coworking space that stands out! 

Backed by robust infrastructure and world-class interiors, Connekt oozes out exclusivity and plethora of opportunities for the members. Connekt boasts about its awe-inspiring views and ergonomically designed desks and cabins that will help enhance the efficiency and community growth of the working professionals. It also houses an upscale in-house Cafeteria that serves scrumptious meal the entire day to cater your hunger pangs.  

Connekt has a luxurious lounge area for the members’ guest to wait in. Along with an informal meeting room, the workspace has two 12-seater conference rooms equipped with the latest technologies that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.   

Safety measures during COVID-19

With COVID-19 is here to stay till a vaccine arrives, but work needs to keep going. Coworking spaces are adapting to new sanitation strategies to provide a safe environment for its members. 

Prioritizing the members’ health and well-being, the onsite staff is always on toes. The workspace has imposed strict guidelines for anyone who enters the office premises. 

  • Conduct regular temperature checks at the entrance
  • Members, onsite staff and support systems have to sanitise their hands as soon as they enter the premises
  • Regular sanitisation of the common areas in the workspace
  • Limiting the number of people entering the three different (A, B and C) zone 
  • Social distancing demarcations placed throughout the office
  • Mandatorily following of the social distancing guidelines 

Your Second Home

Connekt’s utmost priority is to ensure that the members are full of productivity, efficiency and comfort throughout their workday. Apart from providing state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities like nowhere else, it also hosts fun weekly events like table tennis, watching a movie in the event and much more to help the coworkers establish synergies with each other that can transform into business relations, thus benefitting everyone. Connekt aims to offer work-life balance to their coworking members

It provides a positive environment that you would have dreamed of at your previous workplace. 

All in all, Connket coworking space is a value for money. 

Mentorship Programme

It is not your run-of-the-mill workspace. But it goes above and beyond the space it offers you. Connekt ensures that you are not confined to your cabin or desk. The Mentorship programme affiliates the community members with various expertise and experienced members from different sectors to provide in-depth knowledge of technical understanding, trend analysis and scope of business growth suitable for each business. The intense and value-adding programme is sure to help individuals and teams to achieve new heights by improving on internal and external reach out capabilities and opportunities.  

It’s raining discounts at Connekt

From the monetary aspect, the last six months have been difficult for everyone due to the pandemic. Keeping that in mind, Connekt is offering a 10% discount on Flexi seats, Dedicated seats, Private cabins and Premium cabins to all the professionals who inquire through their website and Instagram handle.  

Flexible operating hours

Connekt is open for its members only during reception hours which is from 9 am to 9 pm. However, Connekt readily accommodates members who want to burn the midnight oil and stay in office till late with the only commitment of letting the management know in advance. 

Do not miss out the excellent opportunity to be part of a thriving community to enjoy a hassle-free work environment, ensuring optimum growth of your business!

Address: Connekt, 13th Floor, Gala Empire, Opp. TV Tower, Drive-in Road, Memnagar, Ahmedabad – 380052

For inquiries, you can call on: 7567979000

Email: [email protected]


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