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Life Is All About Chasing Your Dreams – Himali Parikh

Himali Parikh)
Meet another human of Ahmedabad, Himali Parikh, who tells us her life journey of how a premature baby struggling between life and death turned...

Top 11 Places to Visit Near Ahmedabad

Hello Ahmedabadis! Ahmedabad is the seventh largest metropolitan city of India. This city has numerous places to keep the crowd engaged like huge malls, fancy...

Where Food is Life- Manek Chowk

Street Food, I believe is the lifeline for  food junkies. Ahmedabad has a vibrant street life which encompass " food stalls" and "Chai addas" on its...

10+ Top cafes of Ahmedabad

chai place
Nowadays, it is a dilemma to choose a cafe out of dozens of options, if you are in such a dilemma we have made...

24 Hour Cafes in Ahmedabad

24 open cafe
It's 3 a.m. in the night, and you might be wondering where to grab a bite at this hour. This is Ahmedabad, where people look...