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Seva Cafe-Unique equation developed in Ahmedabad

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Seva cafe at Ahmedabad has taken a fantastic initiative to promote the equation of Food + Love = Prasad. Each meal is being cooked and served with love over there. The cafe follows the traditional Indian philosophy of Athithi Devo Bhava – “Guest is God”. They consider the customers as guests and serve them the food in the same way as they are offering Prasad to god.


So well you might be thinking that is it a home or a restaurant?

Seva Cafe Ahmedabad is one of the best cafes of Ahmedabad. It is experimenting with bringing the family model of love-based giving into the context of a non-family environment. In this case, it is a homely restaurant. Seva Cafe serves with love, simply for the joy that comes from true service and they seek nothing else in return. They welcome customers with hugs and tikas and offer meals as a gift and take no prices, because they want to receive a mere satisfaction on their customer’s face as a return gift in the exchange fo their seva, unconditionally. This way Seva Cafe works on the concept of the gift economy.

The greatness lies in the process of serving. At the end of the meal, guests receive an envelope to “pay from the heart” i.e. If you ask for the prices to be paid, they tell you that your meal has been already paid for by someone else, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can contribute whatever you want to, perhaps to pay for someone else’s meal or maybe write a message. When you leave, you will probably have a smile on your face and satisfaction in your heart. How nice, “khane ka khana aur Khushi ki Khushi deta hai SEVA CAFE Ahmedabad”.Pay-from-heartBehind every successful man or women, there is a mother who gave birth to them. Likewise, the Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad is the brainchild of John Silliphant and Jayesh Patel. We can say that they are the mothers of Seva Cafe.

Seva Cafe Ahmedabad is a great way of cultivating moral responsibility as well as generosity. Paying for the next guest like your meal has been paid for by someone is blissful. It is basically a social experiment to see what would happen if a business runs solely on the vital idea of seva or service. This way it created a chain of giving, with people voluntarily participating in this circle of serving.

Bhaskarbhai who is the core member since the foundation of Seva Cafe shared a message, “A lot of people think seva is a great thing. They hear the word and think of large, formidable ideas. But seva is everywhere, in so many small things. At a kitli, if you see a dog, you will probably feed it some biscuits. You may offer some water to your rickshaw driver. We forget to see these small acts of kindness that we already do, being preoccupied in this rushed life. As long as you do something with love, that is seva.”


Even Bangalore has adopted the idea of this Well known cafe in Ahmedabad. The Cafe holds on to its service twice on Sundays in December and January at Vriksh in Banglore. It is a wellness spa situated on a by lane in Yelahanka New Town. Vriksh hosts a cozy restaurant  and has a big kitchen and dining area, ideal for the Cafe. The cities like Pune, Berkley, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC adapted the idea of Seva Cafe Ahmedabad. The idea of Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad is executed in many countries across the globe.


Seva Cafe in Ahmedabad has developed the correct equation which has made Ahmedabad proud in the world. So, what are you waiting for a rush towards Seva Cafe as it serves only 60 guests a day.

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