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There is something new which looks old and feels new in Ahmedabad. It is also something old which looks fresh and feels familiar. The Law Garden Khau Gali returns with a complete revamp as Happy Street Ahmedabad. The old is new and new is old. It seems confusing, at the same time, it tastes nostalgic.

Happy Street Ahmedabad

There are several food truck parks in the city to tickle your taste buds. Many of you know that Law Garden Khau Gali has been rechristened as ‘Happy Street’. Every time we see good food or think of food or even hear of food; aa smile emerges on our face. Food makes us smile and good food makes us the happiest.  Hence “Happy Street”.

AMC announcement about Happy Street with a lovely video

About Happy Street Ahmedabad

People would expect a few food trucks lined up in a food street, but Happy Street is much more than that. It looks as if the heritage of the old city was brought to western Ahmedabad. The Happy Street is adorned by first-of-its-kind ancient-looking walls with carvings, fort-like structures and glamorous lighting to enhance the heritage ambience. The walls made of Jaipuri Patthar, depicts the renowned icon of Ahmedabad: Teen Darwaza.

Everyone was in awe of the makeover that went from tables and plastic chairs to a vibrant street with lighting and heritage-wall. Earlier people found it difficult to walk during the night. Now, it has a separate cycling lane as well as a walkway for pedestrians. It is not a run-of-the-mill food street. Happy Street is a work of art within itself. Something Ahmedabad has never known before.

The swanky new Happy Street (325 m long and 26.5m wide) designed by the National Institute of Design (NID) at the cost of Rs 8.50 crore was inaugurated by CM Vijay Rupani on February 7 2020. The concept of Happy Street is said to be spearheaded by former Municipal Commissioner, Vijay Nehra.

The Happy street was a hit among Amdavadis. The very day it was inaugurated both people and traffic moved at a snail’s pace. Since Happy Street saw a humongous crowd, it created bottleneck traffic. Taking into consideration the suggestions of Amdavadis, former AMC Chief, Vijay Nehra has put forward a request to the Standing Committee, to declare it a no-vehicle zone. The decision on the same is still pending.

Happy Street is not just about food. If you plan to visit Happy Street, make sure your phone battery is full because with such a beautiful ambience, who wouldn’t want to take tons of pictures? Not to forget scrumptious food photos! 

Your go-to place for morning walks and street food in the evening is all sorted. It is an open street with food trucks coming in only by 6 pm. The street is open for parking till evening. Space is only taken up by food vans from 6 pm till midnight.

Your taste buds will be satisfied with a variety of cuisine items ranging from desserts to chats to Gujarati dishes to junk food.

Parking space

A concern which tops any Amdavadi’s list is parking. The corporation has tried its best to take care of it.

  • Parking capacity during the day: 402 two-wheelers and 61-four wheelers
  • Parking capacity in the evening: 148 two-wheelers and 61-four wheelers

Things to note:

  • Free parking 5 am to 8:30 am
  • Paid parking 8:30 am to 4 pm (office hours)
  • Premium parking 4 pm to 5 am

You can also have a joyride on Yulu bikes which can be rented from the spot.

History of Law Garden Khau Gali

Now, Happy Street, the allotment of space for Law Garden was first made on August 17, 1979, where 35 people were rented out space for nominal fees of Rs 900 per annum. With police permission, the food business was carried out from 5 pm to 12:30 am, which extended till 2 am during the festive season.

However, as part of traffic and demolition drive by AMC, the Law Garden Khau Gali was razed in August 2018. There was a lot of hue and cry by the 36 vendors who were removed and two petitions challenging the eviction of street vendors who were there for decades. Famous food joints like Honest, Asharfi kulfi and Shakar ice-cream started their journey from Law Garden Khau Gali.

Places worth visiting near Happy Street

Law Garden Night market

Ahmedabad aaye aur Law Garden night market nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha!” Law Garden night market is of the must-visits by tourists which are world-famous for its array of Chaniya cholis and traditional jewellery. Ensure to sharpen your bargaining skills before shopping here.

Law Garden

If you want to be away from the traffic snarls and staunch smell from the food joints, Law Garden would be the best place to sit and relax.

Dining options

If you are not a fan of street food, worry not, you can still relish at the great dining options available nearby. The options include New Freezeland, Swati Snacks, Shankar’s Ice Cream, Choice and many others to relish good food.

Chitibang Chitibang

It may be a task to convince your kids to explore a street, but when there is Chitibang Chitibang, it will be less of a worry. It is a children amusement park with more than 60 rides and games like battery-operated cars, video games, kiddy rides, skill games, bungee trampoline and indoor rock
climbing to name a few. This was every 90’s kids favourite place while savouring a tub of flavoured popcorn.

Law Garden trivia

When you visit Happy Street next, do not miss out on spotting the 1948 vintage fire hydrant that is still standing strong.
Hint: You will find it on the stretch of the Law Garden night market.
Source: Nitin Sangwan

*Pictures of Happy Street sourced from Twitter

Bon appétit!