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Best Places to Experience Adventure Sports Near Ahmedabad

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Priyansha Paliwal
Priyansha Paliwal
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One of the best ways to revitalize your holiday vacation is to opt for recreational outdoor activities. Talking about recreational adventure activities in Gujarat, there are several options that you explore in places near Ahmedabad and Gujarat overall. This is a great opportunity for both kids and adults to have fun and enjoyment in amusement with close family and friends. 

Slowly but steadily, Gujarat has now become one of the most popular tour destinations in the country. The state offers you several opportunities to release their adventurous spirit in outdoor activities. Gujarat has various tourist attractions for local sightseeing. It consists of some of the prettiest weekend getaways for short weekend trips to enjoy with family or friends. 

While you’re on these short trips, you can always opt for some adventurous and breathtaking recreational games such as high altitude mountains, lush green woods, gushing waterfalls, or unique landscapes. 

One of the best outdoor activities in Gujarat are Trekking, aquatic sports, paragliding, Boat ride, etc. For many travellers across the country it is a dream to travel to Gujarat and enjoy various sports and games. Other exciting and adventurous water games are waterskiing, white water rafting, windsurfing, kayaking, and others.

Water Sports 

Water Sports is something that has seen a massive growth in Gujarat. The state has one of the most attractive water resources in the country. This makes it perfect for boating and other aquatic sports. Places like Kenkaria Lake Nal Sarovar in Ahmedabad are considered to be perfect for boating purposes. Talking about Gujarat as a whole, there are a total of four water bodies that provide you with great options for boating.

If you’re at Sabarmati Riverfront, then you should not miss the chance of boating and cruising at the Nehru bridge and Gandhi bridge. There are several boating stations from where you board the boat. Sabarmati Riverfront with the thought of taking adventure sports to new heights has come up with various activities like Water Scooter, Pedal Boat, Jet Ski, and Zorbing. 

When you’re in Ahmedabad, opting for water sports is a great option altogether. If you’re a fan of kayaking, then you’re in the right place. Here, you can rent a kayak and paddle to make your way in the lakes and rivers of Ahmedabad. This super fun activity is surely going to make you feel all the zeal and adventure you need in life. 

Another interesting water sports activity is none other than Rafting. There are several rafting options available near Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Particularly, if you can go for Sardar Sarovar Dam near the Statue of Unity.

Are you still looking for another water sport option?.We have River Cruising for you! This new initiative has been started by the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad. Talking about river cruising, it is a 20- minute ride that gives you an enthralling experience in the waters. 

Aero Sports

If being in the air is something that excites you, then aero sports are definitely for you! If you’re looking forward to trying them out. There is no better place than Gujarat.

One of the favourite aero sports among sports freaks is Paragliding. This sport can be experienced in several places near Ahmedabad like Pavagadh, Junagarh, and Saputara. This is one of the most unique experiences one can have in their entire lives. 

The sports centers here are quite sorted in terms of safety. You can enjoy as much as you can without any fear regarding safety of you and your loved ones. In the months of December and January, a 21- day paragliding festival is held at Saputara. It is one of the best times to try your hands at this sport in Gujarat.

When you’re at this festival, you can also try your hands at Paramotoring. It is something that runs with the help of an engine but has a different look altogether. When visiting Saputara, Gandhidham Airport and Waghai Railway Station would be the nearest. From these respective places, you can book a taxi or a cab.

Before actually trying the sport, several sessions are conducted by trained professionals. Apart from Paragliding, you can also try going for Parasailing and Zorbing ball. 

Land Adventure Sports

Rock Climbing is something that has become a rage among the youngsters. The best thing about this sport is that it is a great test of your stamina, focus, fitness and concentration. If you’re in Ahmedabad, you must visit Idar, a small town just 100 kms away from the city. It is quite famous for rock climbing on natural granite boulders that are good for holding purpose. 

Bungee Run Basketball Is something that is quite unique and a must try activity for people who love adventure. All you gotta do is take on a high jump for basketball while wearing a bungee rope. And you’ll be ready for some fun and adventurous experiences.

If these activities are not enough for the adventure lover in you then you should opt for ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) and ride all the way through the desert of Kutch. All of these adventurous activities can be tried at the Rann Utsav held at Rann. This festival takes place every year somewhere around November to February. You can book the tickets in advance from the official Rann utsav website.


If you’re an adventure lover, then there’s no better place than Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the centre point from where you can reach these various places. We hope this list will help you plan your adventurous trip in Ahmedabad.

If you have any queries regarding this blog, please feel free to share in the comments section.

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