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Compiled List of Micro Containment Zones in Ahmedabad

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Priyansha Paliwal
Priyansha Paliwal
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It has been four months since the first case of Novel Coronavirus was detected in Ahmedabad. With time, there has been a sudden rise in the number of cases in the city. Currently, the total number of COVID-19 positive cases totals up to 22,282, whereas almost 17,568 amdavadis have defeated this and have come out as an absolute winner. To make sure that there is a drop in the COVID-19 cases, Gujarat Government and AMC have come up with the concept of Micro Containment Zones. Before knowing what these zones are, let’s know about the present condition of the city.


Earlier when the cases started rising suddenly, there was chaos among the people and the Government too. The higher officials were trying their best to save the city and its citizens from the deadly virus. Earlier people weren’t aware of how dangerous COVID-19 could be but with proper circulation of information from the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), people now have proper knowledge about it.

The AMC has taken several essential steps in controlling the number of coronavirus cases in the city. Some of these are as follows:

Foremost, AMC has opted for the EPIC approach. The term epic refers to E – Enhanced Testing, P – Proactive Detection, I – Intensive Surveillance, and C – Corona Checkposts.

To ensure that each and every citizen’s problems are heard, AMC initiated a 24*7 helpline – 155303.

To your surprise, Ahmedabad was the first city in the nation to mark distancing circles around shops.

AMC is making use of the latest technology in the form of drones and GPS applications to keep an eye on the home quarantined patients.

To make sure that people get vegetables at their doorsteps, AMC initiated the Vegetable on Wheels.

Around all these negativity, there was positive news for Ahmedabad when it got the approval for plasma therapy on COVID-19 patients.

There are almost 10 institutional quarantine centers formed in every zone of the city. Some of them are operational while the others are ready to be operated.

For patients who hardly have any symptoms and look healthy termed as Asymptomatic patients are shifted to the Samras hostel. It has the capacity of handling 2000 patients at once.

There has been the deployment of mobile testing vans in each and every zone of the city. Presently, a total of 30 teams have been deployed for testing each corner of Ahmedabad.

Wearing a mask has been mandatory; otherwise, you’ll attract a hefty fine. Anyone caught without wearing a mask in the public place will be fined from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000

There has been a free supply of basic items like milk and vegetables for the economically backward people of the city. 

Last but not least, AMC has made Cluster or Micro Containment Zones in the localized hot spots. These zones are supplied with all the essentials items.

What are Micro Containment Zones?

It was back in the month of June when Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) identified the Micro Containment Zones. 

According to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), Micro Containment Zones refers to the small residential localities all over the city. The idea behind these zones is to only isolate the small localities in each ward rather than putting the whole ward under the containment zone. A number of areas in Ahmedabad have been named as the micro containment zones.

Anyone who lives in this area will not be allowed to move out to work or for any other purpose. But they will be allowed to acquire essential services between 7 am and 7 pm. The entry and exit points of these micro-containment zones will remain closed. 

Last but not least, these micro containment zones will be updated as and when required. Presently, there are a total of 190 micro containment zones in the city.

How Will AMC Find These Micro Containment Zones?

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has initiated the process of intense door to door surveillance in order to detect new cases. With this, they’ll be able to know the number of people affected by the disease and further label them as the Micro Containment Zones.

Suppose, while conducting the rapid COVID-19 test more than 2 or 3 people are found to be corona positive, then your apartment or society will be labelled as the micro containment zone. 

List of Micro Containment Zones, Ahmedabad (last updated on 22/08/20)

Micro Containment Zone (East)

  • Gnaneshwari Society,  Arbudanagar
  • Hanuman Nagar Block No.1, Amraiwadi
  • B15 to B25, Sai Dham Tenament, Vastral
  • Pushpavan Bungalows, Gopal Chowk, Nikol
  • Block 23, Jawaharnagar, Amraiwadi
  • Block 29, Jantanagar, Amraiwadi
  • Block 21 and 23, Geetanagar, Amraiwadi
  • A 39 To 48 Umiyanagar, Vastral
  • Block – E/1 Divyajivan Live Style, Nikol ( Nava Naroda)
  • Diamond Park Society, Viratnagar
  • Gali No. 1 Moto Thakor Vas, Nr. Ramji Mandir, Nikol
  • Shivam Apartment, Ajay Tenament, Bhaipura
  • Zalavadi Patel Society, Near Krishna Bungalows Gor No Kuvo, Bhaipura
  • House No. 13 To 17and 32 To 36, Baleshwar City, Ramol
  • Block H 403, Dharam Vatika, Hathijan

Micro Containment Zone (West)

  • Abu Nagar, D-cabin, Chandkheda 
  • Siddhachal Flats, Chandkheda
  • Neminath Society, Ranip
  • Compound Behind Mehta Thakkar School, Dharmanagar, Sabarmati
  • Shradha Krupa Society, Chandkheda
  • First Floor, A-Block, Poojan Apartment, Nr. Sant Kabir School, Naranpura
  • 18/Satyakam Society Opp. Kanchandeep Flat Nehrunagar 
  • Harivill Apartment, Ranip
  • Shivam Tenaments, Nr. Shell Ganga Society, Chandkheda

Micro Containment Zone (North)

  • North 5 Block C Colony, Naroda Road 
  • Desai Ni Pol, Saraspur
  • Lucky Plastic, India Colony 

Micro Containment Zone (South)

  •  295, Ambedkar Vas, Shahvadi, Lambha 
  • (40 To 65) Prerna Society, Part-5, Lambha 
  • (58 To 85) Krushndham Raw House, Lambha 
  • Mangalam Flat, Vishnukunj Colony, Danilimda
  • (A, 1 To 12) Kamalpark Society, Ghodasar
  • ( No. 86, 87, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98) Janpath Society, Ghodasar
  • Crist Villa, Khokhara
  • Man Sarovar, Ghodasar
  • Madhukunj, Khokhara
  • (B 1 To B 40) Santosh Park, Isanpur
  • House No. 1 To 8, 55 To 58, 67 To 70 Rajdeep Park, Indrapuri
  • Aden Park, Lal Bhai Center, Khokhra
  • Empire House, Nr. Devang Society, Maninagar
  • E- Block, Karnavati Appartments – 3, Bhairavnath Road, Maninagar
  • Nutan Varsha Society, CTM
  • B/10/514 To B/18-514, TirthBhoomi Society, Isanpur
  • 160 To 242, Vishalnagar, Isanpur
  • 27 To 29, Yogeshwar Tenament, Isanpur
  • House No 11 To 31, Manthan Tenament, Lambha
  • C Block, Shakti Gardniya, Vatva Gamdi Road, Vatva 

Micro Containment Zone (North West)

  • 5,6,7 Floor Of B Block; 6,7,8 Floor Of D Block;
  • 9,10,11 Floor Of H Block; 12, 13 Floors Of I Block Aakanxa, Savvy Swaraj, Chandlodiya
  • C- Block, Royal Residency, Chandlodiya 
  • House No – 61 To 72 of EE/6 Block Gota Housing Flats, Gota
  • House No 42 To 63 Prajapati Was, Ambli Gam
  • B/6 Block Vishwas Appartments, B/H JG School
  • House No. 130 To 140, & House No. 105 C To 94, Premchand Nagar, Near Judges Bungalows
  • 3,4,5,6 Floor of E Tower Sarkari Vasahat – E Tower, Bodakdev
  • 6-8 Floor of G Block., 1, 2 Floor of K Block, Casa Vyoma, Bodakdev
  • House No. 691 – 710 & House No. 771 To 785 Chankyapuri Sector – 3, Gota
  • 1 – 3 Floor of A Block Parth Indraprasth Tower, Bodakdev
  • 1,2,3 Floor Of B Block, Savita Govind Plaza, Judges Bungalow Road, Bodakdev
  • B Block, Akash Flat, Gulab Tower Road, Thaltej
  • House No 77 To 122 In Ghanti Vadi Gali, Mahashakti Nagar, Sector-4, Chanakya Puri
  • Gujarat Gas Office, 4th Floor, Gsfc House, Opp. Haveli Bungalow – Thaltej

Micro Containment Zone (Central)

  • 5, Lalavsa Ni Pole, Sankdi Sheri, Khadia
  • Karimbhathiyara Ni Chali, Garib Nagar, Behrampura

Micro Containment Zone (South West)

  • Bungalow No. B-36-40, Shane Burhan Society, Near Juhapura Crossing 
  • 14 South West Phulraj Bungalow66-6 No. 222, Near Ibrahim Residency, Fatehwadi
  • B/1 To B/4 First Floor, Parul Flat, Nr. Vishwamitry Road, Jivraj Park, Vejalpur
  • 66 – 69 Sendhaji ni Chali, Vejalpur
  • B – Block, 3rd Floor, Sundaram Tower, Nr. Medilink Hospital, Jodhpur
  • E – Block, Shantinagar Flat, Opp. Vinayaka Home, Ujala Circle, Sarkhej
  • Mira Apartment, Nr. Alok Society, Shyama Prasad Bridge, Jivraj Park, Ahmedabad.
  • F Block Richmond Grand Flats, Near Torrent Power, Makraba, Vejalpur
  • B Block, Vrajbhumi Flats, Nr Riddhi Siddhi Tower, Jodhpur
  • Green Blossom, Opp Hotel Ramada, Jodhpur
  • T, S, U, V Block, Satellite Complex, Jodhpur
  • A Block, Sukirti Park Apartment, Nr Abhilasha Row House, Jodhpur
  • B Block, Sarthak Tower, Ramdevnagar, Jodhpur
  • M Block, Indraprasth 3, Jodhpur

Wrapping Up

Coronavirus has definitely changed the way we lived our lives. But, now things are certainly getting better with time. Well, not everything is the same as before, we’ll have to mould our selves according to the new normal. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is doing a great job of handling the city during such a pandemic. We, as the citizens of this city are utterly thankful to them. 

Micro Containment Zones is one of the best ways to control the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from spreading among other people. It will lead the city in the right direction of good health and a brighter future.

If you wish to know more about Coronavirus and Ahmedabad, you can visit the official website of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC):

 If you have any feedback or suggestion, please write in the comment section.

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