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Thursday, November 26, 2020

List of Designated Covid-19 Hospitals in Ahmedabad: Fight Against Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has taken over all around the world. Earlier when people hardly had any knowledge about the disease, they used to admit the patients in the same ward as normal...
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Aditi Gupta – Ushering a ‘Period Positive’ Change

"I dream of a future where menstruation is not a curse, not a disease but a welcoming change in a girl’s life”. Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia Founder  “This is a great creative solution to a tough cultural...

Vibrant Gujarat 2019: Everything you need to know about it

About Vibrant Gujarat Summit Vibrant Gujarat Global summit is a place where innovators, entrepreneurs and even business tycoon from across the world meet and interact. It also brings excellent networking opportunities, chance to connect with...
sports culture in Ahmedabad

Sports Culture in Ahmedabad

Amidst the blistering heat and dry afternoons of the summer months in Ahmedabad, everything in the city comes to a standstill save the excited young kid who is all set to shed off the...
summer camp

9 Summer camp activities in Ahmedabad for kids and you to enjoy

The summer time has already started and exams are over. Vacation time has started and kids are enjoying the summers at home. After the initial enjoyment of vacation period, the kids start feeling bored...

Amdavad fights Corona: Here is the list of helpline numbers that you should have...

These are critical times and each one of us is confused about what to do and what not to do. The entire world is fighting against a huge coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is...
Micro Containment Zones

Compiled List of Micro Containment Zones in Ahmedabad

It has been four months since the first case of Novel Coronavirus was detected in Ahmedabad. With time, there has been a sudden rise in the number of cases in the city....

Celebrating Single Motherhood

Fathers are considered to be the pillar of the family; they fight tooth and nail for their family. Everything you do in your childhood needs your father’s opinion. But there are families that are...
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Rag Rag mein Ahmedabad!

Re Re Re Re....Zindabad  Re  Re Zindabad Re, Re Amdavad! Is not just a song but an emotion. As much as this song pumps up everyone,...
Ahmedabad traffic

Ahmedabad: The Traffic Drive and the Confrontation

What if there are no boundaries where we live and how we live? A lot negative can happen as we are not living in the ancient time where we used to have constraints on...

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Best Places for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Ahmedabad

The wedding season is about to officially kick-off amidst a pandemic and limited guests, but thankfully, COVID-19 has not hampered the possibility...

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