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Slum in ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Slum Networking Project – An initiative for EWS housing.

Ahmedabad is considered to be the model city for urban development with projects like Sabarmati Riverfront, Kankaria Lake and many other edifices constructed here. But according to stats, Ahmedabad is house to state’s second...

How to Get Liquor License in Gujarat?

Alcohol and Gujarat are two parallel lines that never meet. Jokes apart!  On a serious note, The consumption of alcohol has been banned in the state since 1960. It is the same...

Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) testing centres in Gujarat

The entire world today is fighting against the novel SARS Covid-19 virus which is also known as the Coronavirus. This is a very deadly virus whose symptoms are very similar to the...
International women Day

Power house women of Ahmedabad

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day every year. It is a day to celebrate Womanhood, empowerment to women and equality. Do you know why this day is celebrated? International Women’s Day was first celebrated...
Coronavirus-NGO in Ahmedabad helping needy people

No hungry stomachs in Ahmedabad: How NGOs and Communities are helping needy people against...

While we are sitting in the comforts of our home, several people are not so lucky enough. These people are the backbone of our economy i.e., Labourers, Daily wagers, and Migrants who...
zydus german remedies employee suspend

Ahmedabad based Zydus Healthcare Suspends Staff Over ‘Anti-National’ post on FB

Ahmedabad based company Zydus healthcare has suspended one of its employee from its German Remedies located in Jammu & Kashmir over an " anti-national " post on a social network platform on Pulwama terror...
Metro Mechanism

The Metro Mechanism of Ahmedabad

Modes of Transportation and establishment of Metro At present, we have witnessed many modes of transportation framework. in accordance with that, the transportation system is mainly diversified into four segments such as roadways, railways, waterways,...
Ahmedabad traffic

Ahmedabad: The Traffic Drive and the Confrontation

What if there are no boundaries where we live and how we live? A lot negative can happen as we are not living in the ancient time where we used to have constraints on...

The History behind the names of Ahmedabad City.

Do you know? 'Ahmedabad' is the third name of our city. It was first named as Ashaval and later changed to 'Karnavati'. The Foundation of Ashaval The existence of Ashaval is traced way back in 9th...

Ashavalekh: Scribble Amdavad your way

For all those aspiring ENGLISH and GUJARATI writers, who find scribbling interesting, here is the chance to showcase that written art piece of yours. Ashaval in association with Matrubharti brings you an online content...

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