May19 , 2024

Ahmedabad: The Traffic Drive and the Confrontation

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Neha Rai
Neha Rai
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What if there are no boundaries where we live and how we live? A lot negative can happen as we are not living in the ancient time where we used to have constraints on overpopulation. Before time, there were only a few things that we had to conquer, like for ancient people there was no need of having large constructions, vehicles, technology, food, electricity, travelling and a lot more. These things were sufficient even if there were no rules and regulations. But, the modern era is different, people are different, their needs are different, the culture, attributes, ethnicity are different too.

The city and The Traffic affair

The reason behind above discussion is to light on the current burning issue in Ahmedabad which are illegal constructions and inappropriate pilgrimage of traffic for a long time. As we see that the solution of the situation is simple, but people need to obey the rules and regulations which are made for their wellbeing. And, don’t get surprised that these statutes are prepared by them only. Though the government has stated such rules, we cannot deny the purpose of those things that affect our routine life.

                                              (photo courtesy: DNA India)

Recently, People of Ahmedabad have seen harsh actions taken by the government. Mainly, AMC(Ahmedabad municipality corporation), police departments and the traffic police have given authorities to solve the issue of illegal constructions and inappropriate parking of vehicles. The further discussion will be detailed in the following literature.

                                              (photo courtesy: Eenadu India)

Overview of the city, A Business capital of Gujarat

Ahmedabad is one of the largest city in Gujarat having a population of around 56 lacs in the area of approximately 464 km^2. It is also considered the fifth populous city in India. Here, people do a different kind of business as it is also known as business capital In Gujarat. And, one of the interesting facts is the population density of Ahmedabad that is 983/square km. The reason behind displaying these statistics is to aware the readers about the situation that the city has been facing for a long time as there are many illegal constructions have been developed just for the business purpose. And, if you look at the population, you might get the idea about how many vehicles are on the course every day on the road.

More Traffic, More Catastrophe

Furthermore, why we are not talking about the environmental effects because of such chaos such of having lots of vehicle on the road, lots of construction make lots of debris, pedestrians have no path because of the illegal structures and inappropriate parking of vehicles. Let’s observe the particular areas of the city where these questions are justified. And why the government has decided to take adequate actions in the reply. Because, somewhere it affects the environment, Nature, society, and the very few honest people who are bearing such situations for a long time.

                                               (photo courtesy: The Hindu)

Government and its Cordon

You can’t keep good things down for a long time. Same for Ahmedabad and, for the Amdavadi. Finally, the government of Gujarat has seen such circumstances that are always affecting the progress of Ahmedabad. And, such issues are opposing the idea of making the city well behaved and clean. To make people aware about the general aspects of rules and regulation, it was essential to take harsh action that might be unpleasant to the several businessmen and some anti-social elements who consider their self as human.

                                            (photo courtesy: Indian express)

The Gujarat high court had dragged up the AMC and police a month ago to ignore its request go in May to address issues of movement growls and potholes. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) expected opposition as it deputed groups to pull down illicit developments impeding activity in the city. Verifiable landmarks like Teen Darwaja, Bhadra Fort, DilliDarwaja, Lal Darwaja, which were instrumental in getting Ahmedabad India’s first Heritage City tag, have likewise been liberated of infringements.

A parallel traffic drive, as well, has been going ahead in the money related capital of Gujarat. A few automobiles and bicycles have been seized for ignoring ceasing rules and various unlawful restaurants, joining into a couple of plainly understood street sustenance zones like Law Garden, KhauGali, have been destroyed. Restaurants, educational cost based schools, recuperating focuses have been asked to make halting approaches.

What they say

“The traditional and age-old food streets and markets will be provided alternate options to make sure that culture and livelihood in the city are not affected” – Vijay Nehra

“We are going by three elements – engineering, encroachment and awareness. Under engineering, new parking lots have been created and allotted. A mega demolition drive is on to make the city encroachment free while awareness campaigns are being run through various medium” – Vijay Nehra

“We wanted to send across a message that the municipal staff need not arrive with SRP (state reserve police ) personnel. They are welcome here if, finally, they are helping bring an end to the menace of the traffic jams” – Jayaben Patel

What Amdavadi’s say

These are some of the significant tweets which are emerged during the traffic drive in Ahmedabad. Here, the expressions are given through words either they are in the likelihood of the particular traffic drive or not. These are some of leading tweets which show people’s reactions over the Traffic drive in Ahmedabad.

Impact of the Traffic Drive

After the long traffic drive, Ahmedabad is witnessing some remarkable impacts in the street. An average 4000 vehicles have been towed so far. In 10 days, AMC has cleared 29,529 intrusions and also cleared 92,000sq m space. Roads are becoming broad and smooth resulting in less traffic jam and saving of time. Coming to the traffic police, the city police has developed e-challan against the obstructing the traffic rules. Every mega construction like hospitals, malls, multiplex, stores are being noticed to allow private parking zones.

Justification and outcomes of Traffic Drive.

I see this traffic drive has made lots of positive impact on the whole city. The transportation time was minimised because of the extra space we got on the road. I think that such traffic drive has also made an impact on the environment. Noise pollution and air pollution seem in control after demolishing the illegal building and towing of wrongly parked vehicles. Governments have also maintained a framework to collect fine if there are any unlawful actions happening that are opposing the system.

(photo courtesy: egov)

People are becoming more aware of the rules and regulation while driving their vehicles. People of Ahmedabad are experiencing positive difference while returning to their home from work. The traffic drive has eliminated a tremendous amount of pollution and its factors by creating strict statutes. However, many people are still arguing about the action of traffic drive, but the government and AMC stand tall and stubborn against the crime, unjustified constructions, and illegal behaviour of the traffic.

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