paragraph coworking space
paragraph coworking space

Hi everybody today our Ashaval team is in the office area of Paragraph coworking space. Let me tell you something about this place. It is a cozy and comfortable co-working space located in a very posh and happening area of Ahmedabad, S. G. Highway. The reason why I called this place cozy and comfortable is that it provides your mind and your business a space to grow without facing any hassles and cliche of renting your own office and going through various legalities for that.

Mr. Harshil Khamanchi wanted to do something new and out of the box while he was finishing his Master’s in Scotland. He was brainstorming and went through various economies. And this was the thing that popped up in his mind. He started working on his idea and the result of all his hard work is Paragraph, the co-working space.

The environment over here is very positive and the cream of the place is the ambiance. As soon as we enter the office, there is a nice sitting cum coffee area, where everyone can sit, take a break, enjoy the coffee and brainstorm to get new and innovative ideas. Which is a really welcome thing, when you are facing a dead wall and do not get any good ideas than brainstorming over coffee is the best thing for you .

Paragraph coworking space
Paragraph coworking space

The benefits of having a co-working space at the paragraph and the amenities and plans they offer

The first and foremost benefit is that you can have your office at the most premium and iconic business places of Ahmedabad. As it is said the first impression is the last impression. You can create an everlasting positive impact on your client’s mind about your business with the environment and the surrounding ambiance.

Amenities offered at the Paragraph

If you rent your own office, then you need to give a lot of your valuable time and thought to other things like employing a cleaning staff, the wifi that you want at your office, the speed and the service provider, the tea and coffee bills of  your office staff, need to employ courier boys, need to pay electricity bills, maintenance and a lot more. But, the Paragraph offers all of these to you at no extra cost in a co-working space environment and helps you serve a lot of your time, energy and does not put a lot of pressure on your budget. With zero capital investment and all of the above-mentioned amenities, The Paragraph is the ideal co-working place for you and your team. You get the paragraph address on your business card also.

Different plans the paragraph has got for you

Along with all the above-mentioned amenities and perks, The Paragraph has various plans that it can offer you for co-working place. Here are the plans it offers

  • Hot desk
  • Dedicated desk
  • Private chalet
  • Professional chalet
  • Conference room
  • Virtual office
  • Hourglass chalet

Hot desk

Hot desk at Paragraph coworking space
Hot desk at Paragraph coworking space

This plan is for all those hard-working people, who love networking and building ties with other working community and don’t like to sit at the same desk every day or do not need an office. It is for all those young minded entrepreneurs who like building relations. You just need to go and grab a seat in the common area and enjoy the ambiance and all the other amenities that are provided

Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desk at paragraph coworking space
Dedicated desk at paragraph coworking space

Some people cannot concentrate to brainstorm for genius outcomes in the hustle bustle around. For them, the paragraph has dedicated desks available, where they can brainstorm new business ideas.

Private Chalet plan

Private Chalet at Paragraph coworking space
Private Chalet at Paragraph coworking space

For those people who have a team, but do not want to rent an office and get into the hassle of all the other above-mentioned problems, Paragraph is the place that you should approach. At paragraph, you get a secured space for your team fully furnished with desks, chairs and filing cabinets.

You can also have your office custom buildout. If you have a special requirement regarding the private chalet and need your office to be designed according to your needs, then they will do it for you. With this, you also get access to meeting rooms, RFID card access. You can avail the services of receptionist, office boy and on-site staff. Do a lot of networking and enjoy all the other amenities available here.

Professional Chalet

professional chalet at paragraph coworking space
professional chalet at paragraph coworking space

If you work independently and handle your own business and if you have clients visiting you then, a cabin is a perfect place for you, where you are your own boss. Have a desk with the boss chair, two visitor chairs, a table, and storage cabinets. You can also enjoy free credits and all other amenities.

Conference room

Conference room at paragraph coworking space
Conference room at paragraph coworking space

The conference room over here is available on per hour and per day basis. The room is equipped with high tech video conferencing facilities. You can enjoy unlimited beverages and on-site staff services. You can book the conference room to discuss business opportunity ideas with your team or have meetings with your clients, investors, and vendors.

Virtual office

Some people don’t want to own a physical office. But, want the prestigious office address on their business cards. This kind of opportunity is for those people. Here you will get to put the paragraph address on your business card, they will handle all your mails and phone calls and you get the credits to use the meeting rooms every now and then.

Hourglass chalet

If you have an important client coming over and you really want to impress him with your office set up, then you can rent an office over here on the hourly basis and avail the services of the receptionist, office boy, on-site staff.

So, these are the plans that Paragraph offers to you as a great co-working space. You might be wondering where is this prestigious place exactly located in Ahmedabad. So, let me tell you the exact address.


Paragraph business center, B Wing, 601, Mondeal Heights, Near Novotel Hotel, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India-380015.




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