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The page talks about the people of Ahmedabad, their life in their words!

International women Day

Power house women of Ahmedabad

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day every year. It is a day to celebrate Womanhood, empowerment to women and equality. Do you know why this day is celebrated? International Women’s Day was first celebrated...
Anuya Trivedi Bhargava

Anuya Trivedi Bhargava the compassionate lady who creates recycled play station

 Hello everyone, today I am in the grounds of Shela Primary School, Ahmedabad. And what do I see around, a play area builds up of tyres. Wow!!!! What a great idea of building a ...
Shyamal and Saumil Introduction

Shyamal and Saumil – The Eccentric Music Maestros

What comes to your mind when I mention “Gujarati Music”? I’m sure it must be Raas Garba or Bhajans. But to your surprise, there’s more to it. I was honored to get a chance to have a...

Madhish Parikh: The Youth Icon of Gujarat

Everyone walks the path of life, only a few climb the mountain of destiny. This is the journey of Madhish Parikh, an ideal inspiration for today’s youth. The 30-year old computer engineering graduate turned...

Mittal Patel: The Messiah for Nomadic and Denotified Tribes

Mittal Patel, the 39-year old was all by herself when she decided to help the nomadic and denotified tribes of Gujarat and India. Patel had a hard time getting acceptance from the community as...

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Top Weekend Homes Near Ahmedabad

Running at a frantic pace for work the entire week calls for some rejuvenating and soul-soothing experience on the weekends. While travelling out of...

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