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Amdavadis are high spirited souls. So here we tell you about all the events that make the lives of Amdavadis dynamic.

Hungrito food fest 2.0

Hungrito food fest 2.0

Ahmedabad is a city full of food lovers, we all love food don’t we? Considering the love of Amdavadis Hungrito had brought the grand food fest in the town. As the first edition of...
garba classes

Top Garba classes in Ahmedabad

“ Saathiya Puravo dware, divada pragtavo raj,   Aaj Mare angane padharshe maa sherowali”Navratri the nine-day festival dedicated to Maa Aadishakti or the Goddess, who is known as Jagat Mata. The one who...
Holi festival

Holi Celebration Events 2019 in Ahmedabad

The festival of colours is about to start, Holi celebration is not only the festival of colours but also a festival of joy and enjoyment. Every group has it ’s unique and innovative to...
New Year 2020 Parties

Top New Year 2020 Parties in Ahmedabad

It’s the last month of the year, just a couple of days left for the new year’s eve, and Ahmedabad is not behind when it comes to new year’s celebrations. Even without alcohols, Amdavadis...
weekend window

8+ Upcoming Events of march in Ahmedabad

Weekend Swag Weekend swag is Gujarat's only Mall Flea Festival. It is back with its's 6th Edition. enhance the shopping experience of mall shoppers, the flea market is a fun-filled shopping carnival with lots &...
Navratri Places in Ahmedabad

Top go to Navratri Places in Ahmedabad for 2018

For Gujarat and its people, Navratri is not just a mere festival but an emotion. The emotion of joy and celebration come together to enjoy this festival of insane dance for nine nights to...

Vibrant Gujarat 2019: Everything you need to know about it

About Vibrant Gujarat Summit Vibrant Gujarat Global summit is a place where innovators, entrepreneurs and even business tycoon from across the world meet and interact. It also brings excellent networking opportunities, chance to connect with...
Kankaria carnival

Kankaria Carnival 2019: A New Year Festival

Kankaria Lake Do you that the circular looking Kankaria lake is a polygon shape with 34 sides? Kanakaria lake is a picnic spot, and it’s a place to enjoy and relax. This lake is the...

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