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 In this high-speed evolving cities, everyone is so much swapped into their work that one can never put anything extra in their ‘schedule bag’. Doing something noble or serving a human being who needs a helping hand is never on the mind. We often make excuses that we don’t have enough time or money to do such work but that is not true.

Meet Uday bhai or as everyone calls him “Amdavad no Rickshawalo”. He is an ordinary man like us, who stood by his extraordinary vision to provide his service to people of Ahmedabad with his auto. His concept is that you don’t have to pay for your ride as someone before you already paid for it. He will give you a self written card at the end of your journey in which you can pay for someone else’s ride as much as you like.

Let’s see what Uday bhai has to say about his life journey.

“I always wanted to do something remarkable for the society. For the same reason, I drive an auto and try to give best comfort from my side. Greeting my customers with flowers and a smile on my face is the first thing I do. My customers can pay me with whatever amount of money they wish. People around me who get to know that I am going to donate money to needy children often ask me “Why to toil hard so much for the society?” to which I reply them that this is like a dream to me! I want to contribute maximum to the society. My wife and children have been very supportive in the whole journey and have offered a great strength to paint this picture of noble cause with my own colors.

Uday Bhai Amdavad no Rikshawalo
I really get excited to answer the questions of media who come to interview my story from all corners of the world! Whenever they try to find the deep insights in my story, I show them my thick photobook, with celebrities who had a ride in my auto and I am very thankful to those people.

People look at me with a horror flick that how I keep managing my bread – butter with my family?  I simply reply My God is Good God, he is watching me and will help when needed.
Basically, I work for the Heritage Walk tour in which I take the tourists to the heritage journey of my city. I work hard with my hands, heart, mind and soul. I belong from Amdavad and I love to show incredible sights of Ahmedabad when people from various parts of world join for heritage tour.

Uday Bhai Ahmedabad

Sometime, somewhere managing for heavy fees of my 3 children becomes very difficult but somehow I manage because I want my children to be educated; my elder son has attained a scholarship in engineering. Yay!” claims a happy Uday bhai

These days I am trying to get maximum testimonials from customers on my 5th suggestion diary of my auto. I really don’t strive to be different for society, I am different with my objectives. I love God, i trust him, I know he keeps an eye on me.

Uday Bhai's Riksha

Well, I don’t have a luxurious lifestyle, but I walk with my own identity in society. People recognize me as “Amdavad No Rikshowalo”. I believe happiness is always within us. I want to spread the word of serving and transform society from my end. Now My cherishable desire from the heart is to expand my chain to work for society. The love and support for the society encourage me!”

Uday Bhai, a sweet loving rickshawala from Ahmedabad, shares his story with us & truly we enjoyed every moment talking to him. An amazing person with an even amazing love for the society is doing a task that one can only imagine of.

Share his story, and let people even outside Ahmedabad know about his deeds. Let’s make an Amdavadi famous 🙂

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