Hello Ahmedabadis!

Ahmedabad is the seventh largest metropolitan city of India. This city has numerous places to keep the crowd engaged like huge malls, fancy restaurants, charming cafes, appealing riverfront, parks and a lot more. Not only in the city, but there are many nearby places outside the city that you can explore too!

Bored of your regular weekends? Planning to do something that is out of the box? Why not choose a place nearby and get away from the city! Grasp some fresh air and escape from the maddening rush of the city.

We have a list of 11 best places for you to enjoy your mini holidays and take a break from your daily routine.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

THOL BIRD SANCTUARY, a paradise for bird watchers, peace lovers, nature gazers and of course the photographers! It is a shallow lake surrounded by grasslands located in the outskirts of the city in the lap of nature homing more than 100 species of birds. You can enjoy birding, nature gazing and the lovely lakeside view while spending some peaceful and lovely time with family and friends! You can also catch a glimpse of the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset if you reach up early or stay late. Don’t forget to take along some snacks, binoculars and a camera to enhance your experience!

Thol bird sanctuary

Dastan Auto World Vintage Museum

Are you a car enthusiast, an admirer of vintage cars or a keen historian? Dastan Vintage Car Museum is your place to be. It will chauffeur you into the vintage era through its amazing collection of vintage cars, antique vehicles, utility vehicles, motorcycles, and buggies. The museum has various cars from the rare Marques to ceremonial Limousines, romantic convertibles to a sports car etc,  from all over the world of different time zones and are of varies types. Do not miss to grab some bites of the delicious food available at Dastan Vintage Village accompanied by vintage car Isn’t it fanatics!

Dastan vintage car museum

Indroda Nature’s Park

Spread over a large area of 400 hectares it is a must visit and a treasured place. Located in Gandhinagar, Indroda has lots of things to learn, see and enjoy! Indroda has a botanical garden, museum of skeletons and fossils and even a zoo. It is an amazing place for kids where they can learn and have some fun at the same time.  Even the adults can enjoy walking along the solitary road in the company of the favoured nature and spend some great time clicking pictures of the surroundings. With a short drive, pocket-friendly expenses, Indroda is the best to visit on a lazy Sunday with family.

Indroda park

Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary

The largest wildlife Sanctuary in India, Rann of Kutch Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a mere distance of 93 km away from Ahmedabad. Providing an ample amount of food and shelter, it is a home for varied rare species of animals and birds. The main wildlife attraction here is Indian wild ass, Indian wolf, Desert Fox, Golden jackal, Chinkara, Nilgai, and Blackbuck.

So just pack some food, take along your camera and binoculars and you are all set to enjoy your day gazing varied wild animals closely observing their behaviour and movements in their natural habitat and capturing some best shots. Here you will enjoy the cool breeze & listen to the echo of birds. The days here are sunnier and the nights are colder. The best time to visit this place would be post-monsoon months of October to March. It is a great place for family outings.

Rann of Kutch

Zhanzhri Waterfalls

Love water, peace, and long drives? A trip to Zhanzhri waterfalls would be the best!

Sitting in the clouds, legs dipped in water, atmosphere filled with the relaxing sound of the waterfall and chirping of birds – it’s a heavenly bliss, isn’t it? You can’t think of planning your Sunday any better. The journey to Zhanzhri is pleasant too, best for the long drive and adventure enthusiasts. If lucky you can also spot some birds fetching food and water in the nearby rocks. It’s an ideal place for photo shoots and a trip with friends!

Zhanzharia waterfall

Polo Forest

A paradise for nature lover and photographer, Polo Forest located in Vijayanagar is graced with captivating natural beauty! It lies in the lap of mother nature and has a pleasant atmosphere – surrounded by mountains and Harney River running through it. Polo forest is the perfect place for a picnic for a day or two near Ahmedabad if you are seeking some memorable time and tranquil. The Gujarat tourism also organizes a Polo Utsav every year to promote the heritage and the natural beauty of polo forest. Ancient temples, a dam by the river, overnight camping in the forest, nature photography, cycling and trekking and riverside activities are the major attractions of Polo forest.

polo forest


Located at a mere 75 km drive from the city, Lothal is a popular sightseeing option near Ahmedabad. What you find here is not intricate carvings or antiquated architecture, instead, the place houses the desolated remains of the Indus Valley Civilization that existed around 4500 years ago. Looking at those remnants you can visualize what was once a well-planned city. To give you a better insight into the Harappa civilization, the gallery has a fine collection of beads, replicas of seals and sealing, terracotta ornament, shell and ivory objects, potteries, tools, animal and human figurines, burial and ritual objects, bricks etc. yielded from the excavations. For all the history buffs, this is a place for you.


100 Acres Resort

Need a relaxing and refreshing weekend with your family and friends? You will not find a place better than 100 Acres Resort. It has everything you will want, be it a place to relax in luxury, or a place to spend some quality time with dear ones or to find peace amidst nature, or a place to thrill and engage in your choice of outdoor and indoor games. Serving you best in class luxury, delicious food and entertaining engagements like aqua rides, You will surely enjoy your holiday, so why to wait to plan your weekends and create wonderful memories and get rejuvenated after your visit.

100 acres resort

Tirupati Rushivan Thrill Nation

Famous as Gujarat’s largest amusement and theme park, Tirupati Rushivan is a place for all those of you who love adventure and rides. The amusement park and water rides can be enjoyed are for all the age groups also it holds replicas of many world-famous monuments that is an entertainment spot for kids. With its economical rates, you can enjoy your weekend getaway with family without spending much. Thrilling rides, Water Park, Nature Park and replicas of monuments you can enjoy all of them at Tirupati Rushivan Thrill Nation.


Want to spend some spiritual time and enjoy it? You have to visit Akshardham in Gandhinagar, one of the best religious and spiritual place to visit near Ahmedabad. A peaceful and an inspiring place of teaching, amusement, and enlightenment where you can witness the prehistoric astuteness, finest examples of stone and architecture and the best of modern technology to influence the people in the best way. The Place has a museum and a visual show which tells you the story of the penance and journey of a child named Neelkanth later known as Lord Swaminarayan. It also takes you back to the history and mythologies of India.


Star highlight of the place is the golden colored temple and golden 10 stories tall idol of Lord Swaminarayan. The environment here is clean and serene for people to enjoy peace. Rides and activities for the kid’s entertainment and a food court serving pure and tasty food are available.

Bliss Aqua Water Park

Bliss Aqua water park

The places above are quite known. Have already visited them? Want to visit a new place? Bliss Aqua Water Park is newly opened India’s largest water park inaugurated on 26
th January. Having something for everyone it will not disappoint people of any age groups. Be it giant and thrilling rides or the large pools to dive in, small rides and pools for kids to cafeteria serving yummy food and store serving all the required essentials, it has it all. So visit there and enjoy a day full of thrill, joy, and memories.

So, guys, these are the best 11 location that you can plan to visit for a getaway from the city escaping the rush and crowd. These different places are for every one of you out there, be you a peace lover, adventure, thrill lover, nature or bird watcher, spiritual or just lazy. You just need to make your choice, spare some time from your busy schedules and spend some leisure time with your loved ones.

Don’t forget to share your experience of the trips to these places with us. Also feel free to share any suggestions related to the blog or any place that has been missed out.


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